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How You Can Help Me Get Elected

The election is 4 weeks away and people keep asking how they can help me as the election is approaching. I am listing below the 4 things people can do to help get me elected.


First, tell your neighbors and friends about me. Try as hard as I might, it will not be possible for me to meet all of the voters by election day so you could help tremendously by telling your friends and neighbors about me. If you don’t live in my region but you have friends that do tell them about me, my experience, and where I stand on issues. My supporters know me and know where I stand so I trust them to spread the word.


Second, along the same lines, share my social media information. Share my Facebook Page. Even if you don’t live in my region, chances are if you live in Mechancisburg, Dillsburg, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, Etters, Lemoyne, etc… you have friends that do live in my region. Make sure they see my Facebook Page. I really try to share a lot of election and school district information on the page. Also, tell them about my website. My website has a lot of biographical information in addition to my blog which shares lot about my views and beliefs. Also spread the word about the planned Candidate Forum for our school board election. It will be help on Tuesday, October 17th from 6:30-8 pm at Capital Joe on Main St. in Mechanicsburg. This will be a great chance for community members to meet me and learn about my experience and views and for community members to ask me direct questions about issues.


Third, you could display a yard sign. I have a limited number of yard signs available so I have to spread them through the community sparingly. If you live in a high traffic area and are willing to display a sign, let me know. They say that on average, a person needs to see your name at least 4 times to recognize it. Yard signs are a great way to make that happen.


Finally, VOTE!!!!!!! I need everyone who supports me to make sure they go vote on election day because I will need every single vote. Voters in my region vote at the Upper Allen Township Building, St. Peter Lutheran Church, Bowmansdale Church of God, Crossroads Community Church, Messiah Village, Shiremanstown Borough Hall, and Lower Allen Township Fire Co. # 2. The polls are open from 7 am until 8 pm and lines will likely be short since this is an off year election. Also, encourage your family members, friends, and neighbors to vote.

Meghan Brown