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Watching our children do the right thing

Over the last few weeks I have been trying to come up with my next blog post. The election is 9 weeks away and I have been trying to get into campaign mode which is not something that comes naturally to me so I was having a hard time coming up with a topic. After the last few days though I decided I needed to do an unpolitical post to talk about the amazing kids we have in this community.


On Tuesday of last week, I started to see tweets about contributing to a donation drive for the victims of Hurricane Harvey. It started as a post I saw on Twitter from a 6th grade team. Then I saw a post from my son’s 7th grade team that said the whole middle school would be collecting. The next day I received an email from my daughter’s elementary school that they would also be collecting for the victims. A group of 6th grade students talked to their teachers about doing something for Hurricane Harvey victims. Their teachers were 100% supportive and helped them to come up with a plan. Within days, a large portion of the district was participating. This morning 3 full trailers, plus numerous cars were loaded to their max to head to York to drop off these items for Texas. Within a week’s time, these students collected thousands of items to be donated. That little idea turned into an amazing community event.


I think what hit me most about this situation is that it was not about winning an award or getting attention, it was only about doing the right thing. Our district continually talks about educating contributing citizens. Not just book smart students but students that will contribute to the world at large. They value the importance of those lessons that can not be learned in the classroom and they encourage our students to help in anyway possible. It would have been easy enough for the staff to make this a small thing but they never did, they let it go full steam ahead. 


As the district website says, the mission of the Mechanicsburg Area School District is to develop, “resilient, self-directed learners able to achieve personal goals; critical and creative thinkers capable of transferring knowledge to new situations, collaborative team players with effective communication skills; and productive, responsible citizens in a diverse and ever-changing global society.” This school wide effort to collect donations for Hurricane Harvey victims did exactly that. 


When I got the call on Tuesday to help transfers items between schools I thought, "Sure, no problem.” I am so grateful I was able to help though because it is probably one of my proudest moments as a resident of MASD. This is why I am running for school board. I want to work hard for these kids and teachers everyday. Educating these children is our community's most important job and one that I would be honored to participate in. People always asks me, “why do you help in the schools so much?” I can honestly say I love it. I love getting to see a child smile when they accomplish something they could not do before. I love getting the hugs from the elementary kids. I love getting the high fives in the middle school. I love watching these children grow into the responsible young adults they are in high school. My main priority is the education of every one of these children. Seeing the kindness and generosity of our students this week was completely mind-blowing and I was honored to help them. I think the best part of all of this is that these students never asked for any type of recognition, for them it was all about helping the cause which speaks volumes to the community members we are raising.

Meghan Brown