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School Board Meeting Update

I just wanted to give a quick update from last night’s school board meeting. The district is still very busy planning the District Expansion Project and things are happening at a very quick pace. With that being said, there was little actually up for vote or discussion last night. 


The big news is that yesterday the district sold the first bond for the funding of the expansion project. The bond was sold through auction and ended up selling for $9,930,000.00 This is a multi step project and there will likely be 4 or 5 more bonds added as the project progresses. Through the auction, the district got an interest rate of 3.04% and the bond was awarded to Janney, Montgomery, Scott. This money will be used for Kindergarten Academy renovations, Elmwood renovations, and any other renovations that may be needed in this beginning phase. Along these lines, the district approved the manual for the ACT 34 hearing for the addition to the Kindergarten Academy. This is available for public viewing on the district website at This shows total costs estimates for the project and must be presented to the public before the state will approve the changes. There will also be an ACT 34 hearing on October 24 at 6 pm. This is open to the public and will be held at Elmwood Elementary School. Finally, the board approved to have Crabtree and Rohrbaugh develop a preliminary design for the Wildcat Activity Center. This is only approval to develop a design and to obtain cost estimates. The Wildcat Activity Center, if approved,  will be located near the high school and provide additional gym space, locker room space, and storage space. It is hoped that this will provide more space for the multitude of extracurricular activities. 


Last night they also publicly announced which principals will be assigned to which elementary schools. I am listing them below. The administration is still working on deciding on the enrollment areas and the staff assignments for each school. This information is also being presented at school PTO meetings. It will be presented by Dr. Leidy at the next Upper Allen/ Shepherdstown PTO Meeting on Monday, November 6th at 7 pm at Shepherdstown Elementary. This will be a great opportunity for parents to hear about the changes directly from the administration. The principal assignments are as shown below. The current principal assignments at the middle school and high school will remain unchanged.


Kindergarten Academy: Kathleen Healey

Broad St: Stacy Alexander

Northside: Ashlyn Ecker

Shepherdstown: Krista Archibald

Upper Allen: John McIntosh

Fourth and Fifth Grade Academy: Andrew Bitz


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